Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Newest Edition To Our Family

Our family finally has another girl in the house....Sara.
Sara is 1 yr old and was adopted from foster care. She is a yellow lab and ??? mix. She is the most loving and playful dog. Alec is crazy over her. She fetches and loves to play. She is a sweet girl who won our hearts because of her gentleness with the boys. It was a huge decision for Andrew and I. Alec had been asking for a puppy and we wanted him to have furry friend. It was a requirement for our dog to fetch because Alec loved playing with the neighbors dog. After searching petfinder.com and reading about Sara, we knew she would be the perect fit for us.

Alec has spent the first week playing in her kennel, cuddling under blankets with her, and feeding her lots of treats. She warmed up quickly to us and now feels like part of the family. Sara is a mostly outside dog. Alec asked if she could come inside one morning and I told him know. I then heard him walk back out and say, "my mama said you can't come inside." So sweet. We are so glad we decided to get him a dog. Alec is in love!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 months and Very Curious

I can not believe my little baby is 8 months. He will be a year before we know it. He is super chunky and loves his big brother.

At 8 months Anderson:
Has 8 teeth
Got his first ear infection
Likes to drink juice from a sippy cup
Prefers to feed himself tablefood
Grabs everything in reach and eats it
Is still in love with his paci. At night he wants one in his hand too.
Pulls his hair while eating and rocking to sleep at night
Smiles at everyone who gives him attention
Screams ALOT...he is learning how to get what he wants
Sits up well and plays with toys
Loves to stroll around in his walker
Gets so excited when you turn the bath water on
Is working very hard to crawl...up on all fours but falls and slides backwards
Is weaning himself... he has learned to use his teeth on his mommy...Ouch.

Wow, I am way behind

It has been a busy month. I have been working more than normal thanks to my sweet mom and granny who have been babysitting some. Alec started playing blast ball this summer. That has certainly been a challenge to watch....their attention spans are so short. He spent most of his 1st game kicking dirt, playing with his hat, and trying to pretend fight with his teammates. It was very frustrating for Andrew. His 2nd game was a definite improvement. I think they are starting to get the game.

We took a weeks vacation to the beach with the Lewis'. It was crazy with all the kids. Alec, Anderson, Addy, Emmy, Ava, and Ella. Anderson was a sick and cranky baby with an ear infection and swimmers ear. He loved the beach and would try to eat handfuls of sand. Both of my boys loved the pool and ocean. Alec loved swimming and going underwater. I am so proud of my big boy.
 We celebrated Father's Day when we got home. Going to eat an awesome country lunch at Granny's and visit Pa Pa at the nursing home (he is doing much better) then finishing the day with the Hale's at Old Chicago for dinner. Andrew is an awesome daddy. Alec would love to play with his Daddy all day!
A supper blurry pic of my boys on the bumper boats. They were all smiles...stupid camera:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pets...maybe not for us

Well, I have been slacking on the blogging.

Our biggest adventure with the boys, or really just Alec, was the new pet or pets.

Last Friday, we found a box turtle in the middle of the road in our neighborhood while the boys and I were walking. The school bus was coming so I picked it up and put it in the stroller. We had been contemplating getting Alec a pet for sometime and I thought, this might be a good, low maintenance one. So we brought him home and researched a little bit about him. He was just a male box turtle...nothing too scary. We made him a box to live in. I tried to get Alec to name him but he just wanted to call him turtle so Andrew named him Murtle the Turtle. We would get him out to roam in the yard but really Alec was a little scared of him and he of Alec. I really felt bad for the guy and thought he would be way happier if we let him go. Alec started talking about getting a fish so I told him if we could let Murtle go (we only had him 5 days), we would get a fish. He tried the whole....but I want 2 pets...and went back and forth about it. So, I decided to take him to Pet Palace and look around. I asked the guy if they had turtles and he said it's illegal to sale them in TN....because they carry Salmonella. Well, that was the kicker for me....Murtle would be set free today.

We looked around at all the reptiles...lizards, snakes. All of which he wanted....but I of course would not go for in million years. The pet guy tried to convience me that a snake would be a good option...or maybe a rat.....no way!

So I talked Alec into a beta fish...pretty, easy, and cheap. Sounded good to me. He came in a cup that had a hole in the top. On the way home I had to keep reminding Alec not to touch him to which he responded "he wants me to pet him". I should have known then.
When we got home, Alec noticed that Murtle had escaped his box outside (with moms help). But he was okay, only a little fake crying. He had a new fish (it was all part of the plan).

We got him all set up in his bowl. Alec said he looks like Nemo and that would be his name. Alec wanted to leave him in the living room so everyone would see him he said. Well today when I went to lay Anderson down for his nap, Alec had his way with Nemo. I caught him elbow deep in the bowl.

Now, an hour later, I noticed poor Nemo is not moving.....rest his soul.

I guess we will put having pets on hold. Well Alec is up from nap...time to break the news to him.

Here is a picture of Alec and his Turtle. I would post a picture of our fish...but he was not alive long enough for me to get one:(

Update: I told Alec about the fish. He showed no remorse...just wanted to be the one to flush him down the toilet. Now he just reached in the tank, saying "come here little fella" and grabbed him. He brought him to me, said "touch him, he's dead". Then he walked him to the bathroom by himself saying "I need to get other pet" and flushed him down the toilet. Oh boy....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Boys Need Bikes

Alec is officially a big boy. He has graduated up from the tricycle to the bicycle.

After spending a fun day working with his Papa, they went bicycle hunting. As expected, Alec wanted the Spider Man bike. Alec thinks Toys R Us delivered it to his house (Really, I had already bought a brand new one at Once Upon a Child for half price earlier that day because I knew that is what he would pick). It was a rainy afternoon but he did try to ride it before dark. He could not fiqure out how to go at first because when he would back pedal, unlike on a tricycle, he was pressing the brakes.

Here is a picture of dad trying to help him. My dad is the biggest kid at heart and would spend 24/7 with Alec if he had the time. They are best buddies. Alec never wants to come home when he is with this Papa.

This is a blurry action shot. Dad was on his knees pushing him.
Alec was dressed by his Papa if you can't tell.
rubber boots, cowboy hat, windsuit pants, and a pajama shirt:)

Today, we went and got his helmet. It looks just like a shark with big teeth and a fin on top. He picked it out himself. After only a few trys, he was riding like a pro today. He was so proud of himself!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My New Hobby

Alec 3 years and Anderson 6 months

I have had a great time over the last week snapping pictures of my boys with my mom's new camera.
I have loved catching Alec doing some of his favorite things.

Alec loves worms and a his rainy, easter birthday provided the perfect setting for worm hunting! He was all smiles while he and his daddy teased me with the a handful of stringy worms. The worms were given a new home....the bug box the easter bunny brought. They were joined by a snail....who he said loves bubbles, gave him a kiss and has a mouth and eyes. He also gave his snail a hug...hmmm? Poor snail. Alec really needs a real pet but we are not ready for the commitment of a dog. Mom now has two new kittens at the farm. He loves them, drags them around, shows them his toys, and dunks them in water outside! If they run away....we won't be surprised:)

Alec has finally decided that he likes riding his tricycle. He had a fun time chasing Ella at farm on her bike. Alec is going with my dad soon to pick out his first bike...I thinking he will probably go for a spiderman bike.

Anderson was a little grumpy when trying to get some 6 month pictures. He is teething and wanted everything in his mouth. His little hands are grabbing at everything now. He loves being outside! I am very pleased with what I got. The farm has so many cool places to get great pictures. I can't wait to try again.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

6 mos....really?

Wow, little brother is now 6 months old. It is amazing how much they change in such a short period of time. Anderson is growing like a weed (size 9-12 mo clothes now) and learning to do more things everyday. He has a fun little personality, the most kissable little cheeks and dimples, and the softest, chunkiest legs.  His skin is just so soft and fluffy you could just eat him up. The past few months have definitely had its challenges though. The poor guy is a little advanced for his age. Sounds like a good thing, right?? WRONG!! Every mom wants their child to be advanced in some areas....just not orthodontically advanced. In 2 months, Anderson has gotten 6 teeth. Yep, that's right. At 6 months old, he has 6 teeth. Four on the bottom and 2 on top (except the top teeth are on the sides instead of the middle, like a vampire). Very funny but hard on the little guy. We are hoping the front come in soon...but maybe not too soon. The poor baby needs a break. He is definitely a paci-holic now.

At 6 months:
- Still not sleeping through the night. Bedtime is 7:15 but he still often wakes every 4 hours. At best he sleeps until 3:30 to eat and then up by 6:30 for the day.
-3 naps a day
-Eating every 3.5-4 hours with solids at breakfast and dinner.
-Loves to jump in the jumper
-Can roll around on the floor to find his paci or toy
-Puts everything in his mouth
-Likes to play with Alec when he is well rested....but cries if Alec bothers him when he is tired
-Is super nosey....he stops nursing to check things out.
-Sitting up with a little support, but mostly on his own
-Loves to be naked and get his diaper changed. He also loves the bathtub.
-Kicks his feet on the floor so much that he had a scab on his heel. He thinks it is great fun!

It has been a busy 6 months but we have adjusted and love having two little boys. Alec will be so excited when Anderson is finally big enough to play. He is always trying to wrestle with him and show him his toys. But he is not quite ready to share them...hopefully that will improve with time.

That's Alec under the walker in his PJ's pushing him down the hall. Anderson was a little annoyed.

Blue eyes...we are still waiting for them to change. But I hope they don't:)